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Thousands have saved millions in support costs, with Helpjuice

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With Customers In A Wide-Range Of Industries Helpjuice the choice for thousands of companies

Shakr Media Uses Helpjuice To Help Convert More Users Into Customers, With Their Powerful Knowledge Base Customer Satisfaction Team uses Helpjuice Seven days a week To Deliver Amazing Support.

EventGeek Dramatically Cuts Down On Support Requests, Using Helpjuice

Nowforce Helps Public Keep Safe & Utilizes Helpjuice To Better Support Customers

"I predict that we'll get at least 20% less emails, in comparison with our previous solution,

Helpjuice is perfect because it's just a knowledge base - everything else feels cumbersome."

Alex H. Product Designer at Gumroad

"The other solutions (we tried Zendesk & Helpscout), didn't ever really look like ours. Now, our Help center, completely looks ours and that's really huge to the whole magic of it."

Brian Hahn CEO at HelloNomad

"As someone who has used other knowledge bases before, I know what huge boom it can be on our product support team.

With Helpjuice, we've already seen a boost of 86% reduction in support calls even further."

James F. PM at HR Performance Solutions

"We love Helpjuice! It streamlined the administration of our knowledge base. Can't recommend this product enough for those who need a more structured knowledge base for their customers."

Adam A. CEO at Lilitab

"With Helpjuice, we've been able to reduce support by 120 emails a day, down to 20. The ROI is just amazing. Not to mention unbeatable customer service!"

Ryan S. Founder at

"With Helpjuice, our customers are seconds away from answers to their most important questions. It's been instrumental in enabling us to scale support as our company grows.

Love the product!"

Robert F. CEO at ZenDoc

From Startups To Enterprises

We're deeply involved in making sure you have the best-looking and performing knowledge base


Some of the most innovative companies rely on Helpjuice.

  • Fullstory@2x
  • Gumroad@2x
  • Mashable@2x
  • Beanstalk@2x

Midsize Companies

Stable businesses serve their customers with Helpjuice.

  • Aap@2x
  • Revenew@2x
  • Hr performance@2x
  • Stayokay@2x


Schools and college help students with Helpjuice.

  • Stanford@2x
  • Georgiaiot@2x
  • Michigan@2x
  • Centralpoint schooldistrict@2x


Some of the biggest online stores rely on Helpjuice.

  • Coastal@2x
  • Chief products@2x
  • Classroom@2x
  • Huetiful@2x


Largest organizations in the world use Helpjuice.

  • Walmart@2x
  • State oregon@2x
  • Moneygram
  • Oregonians@2x

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