Never-ending frustation sounds familiar?

Spending too much on support? Struggling to keep on top of it all?

Don't worry, the problem is not in you, nor your employees, nor your customers. The problem is in your tools. There's a better way to handle support!

Confused Customer

Serve your customers by letting them serve themselves!

Auto-updating, Self-Serving and Instant-Delivering Knowledge Base

Helpjuice helps you get the most out of your knowledge base. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Ideal for Employees Internal

Internal Knowledge Base

All knowledge is centralized in a single knowledge base allowing everyone within company or a department to know about its activity and content as much as everyone.

Knowledge Base

Ideal for Customers External

External Knowledge Base

We allow your customers to self-serve themselves, and deliver instant answers to them, in a very customized fashion where the experience feels as if it were inhouse.

Helpjuice is much more than a web page!

Features That Our Customers Love and Can't Live Without!

Helpjuice helps you get the most out of your knowledge base. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Suitable For (remote) Teams

Suitable For (remote) Teams

Invite people to work with you, set their permission and track their performance to know who are top knowledge base contributors and why.

Profesional Customization

Professional Customization

Our group of rocket scientists (that's what we call our support reps) will help you get up and running with a pixel-perfect KB, customized to your taste.

Easy to Get up & Running

Easy to Get up & Running

Set up your Knowledge Base in minutes and set what goes public and what stays internal with a single click. No coding required.

"I predict that we'll get at least 20% less emails, in comparison with our previous solution,

Helpjuice is perfect because it's just a knowledge base - everything else feels cumbersome."

Alex H. Product Designer at Gumroad

"The other site (we tried Zendesk & Helpscout), didn't ever really look like, ours. Now, our Help center, completely looks ours and that's really huge to the whole magic of it."

Brian Hahn CEO at HelloNomad

"As someone who has used other knowledge bases before, I know what huge boom it can be on our product support team.

With Helpjuice, we've already seen a boost of 86% reduction in support calls even further."

James F. PM at HR Performance Solutions

"We love Helpjuice! It streamlined the administration of our knowledge base. Can't recommend this product enough for those who need a more structured knowledge base for their customers."

Adam A. CEO at Lilitab

"With Helpjuice, we've been able to reduce support by 120 emails a day, down to 20. The ROI is just amazing. Not to mention unbeatable customer service!"

Ryan S. Founder at

"With Helpjuice, our customers are seconds away from answers to their most important questions. It's been instrumental in enabling us to scale support as our company grows.

Love the product!"

Robert F. CEO at ZenDoc
Emil Hajric, Helpjuice CEO A note from our founder


Thanks for visiting Helpjuice - This is our fourth version of Helpjuice. We've come a long way since Helpjuice 1-5 years ago.

We've always been a software company uber-focused on producing a line of products super-targetted at solving ONE problem. The mantra of all-in-one software isn't something we subscribe to.

I'd like to welcome to you to try our latest version. It's our best version yet and I think you'll love it.

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Emil Hajric, Helpjuice CEO

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